A Good Vision Isn't Enough

Visioning is necessary.  Without vision nothing is ever new.  Without vision things stay status quo.  Visioning brings about change.  Visioning solves problems and creates new realities… in theory.

It's easy to have a vision.  Visioning is easy.  Visioning is fun - it's exciting and shiny.  Visioning takes a lot of time and no time at the same time.

But a good vision isn't enough.

It's one thing to have a great idea, a dream, a "one of the things I'd like to start doing..." list.  But vision is as cheap as talk.  In fact, it's free.  Vision doesn't cost you anything.  You can vision all you want, there is no salary cap on great visions.

But vision without actual tangible plans, vision without execution, without action and the discipline of follow-through… is simply a pipe dream.

So dream and vision.  But then plan, execute, and exercise discipline.  Get it done and do it well.

A good vision isn't enough.


Over the coming weeks, I will be posting on this idea of taking something from vision to actuality.  This is a great time of the year to examine new visions you have and to spend longer than thirty seconds figuring out how that vision is actually going to materialize.  Whether you're planning to plant a church, start a new ministry, lose weight, or add a new spiritual discipline to your toolbox, these posts will be helpful to you.

So dream and vision, but stay tuned to learn how to plan, execute, and exercise discipline to bring that vision into actuality.