Welcome to my new blog.  Blogging is something I've done in the past but not for a while (see HERE and HERE for some blasts from the past).  

Since planting 2 Pillars Church, blogging has been something that has been pushed to the back burner for other, higher priority demands on my time.  I once heard a church planter say, "I used to blog... but now I have kids."  That catches the sentiment well.

It's typical to make some visionary statements at this point in a "welcome" post, promising X amount of posts per week, describing the types of posts you will find here, etc, etc.  However, I've failed enough to know my propensity to over-promise and under-deliver with such statements.

So instead, I simply welcome you.  I hope you will find some of the content here helpful and I hope you'll consider journeying with me as I write and share.