Elements of a Good Vision

Even though a good vision isn't enough, visioning is necessary.  

What makes for a good vision?  What are the elements?  I propose at least three essential ingredients:

1. A Well Defined Understanding of the Status Quo  
If vision is about change, you better understand why change is needed.  Change doesn't exist for change's sake.  Change exists because of need.  What needs to change?  Why does it need to change?  What will happen if it doesn't change?  What are the possible results if it were to change?

2. A Well Defined Understanding of the Desired Outcome  
If change is needed, what kind of change is needed?  What would a better, newer reality look like?  Why should it look that way?  What is attractive about that?  What draws you and others toward it?  How is it different and better than the present status quo?

3. A Written Document
This one isn't as glamorous and intriguing as the first two; however, any vision worth executing is worth documenting and any vision that will be executed must be communicated.  Writing it down (and re-writing it down) helps in the communication process by forcing you to articulate your vision clearly.  Additionally, it will help you to begin to think about how the vision might translate into actual, tangible plans (which will be the subject of my next post).  

Write down everything you can about the vision.  The bigger the vision, the more you'll need to write down.  Organize your thoughts in a way that makes sense.  Use headings and subsections.  And then realize... that no one will probably read it.  This document is more for you than anyone else but it is still an essential ingredient.  You'll need a second, condensed and summarized document for everyone else.

Dream big.  Day dream big.  Let your mind wander.  Pray and ask God how He might stir you to be an agent of change - in your personal life, in your spiritual life and disciplines, in your family, in your vocation, or in your church.

Dream big and while you're dreaming, apply these three elements.