The Need for Regular Recalibration

In order for a vision to become an actuality, you certainly have to exercise discipline by mastering the art of self-discipline.  In addition, I have found that regular times of recalibration are also necessary and extremely helpful.


A Lesson From an Internship

When I was working on my undergrad degree, I worked part time as a quality assurance intern for a circuit breaker manufacturer.  My sole job focus was on metrology which meant that I was responsible for the calibration of thousands of gauges and measuring tools used throughout the factory.  

Every gauge, every measuring tool that was used had it's own calibration frequency and procedure.  Some gauges were calibrated weekly, others monthly or quarterly, but the point was to ensure that everything was always working the way in was intended to.

For certain gauges, we'd have to stop a part of the manufacturing line, remove the gauge for calibration, then put it back in and start the line up again.  In the manufacturing world, if it wasn't working properly, it might as well not be working at all.


We All Need Regular Recalibration

Remember how awesome your vision was?  Remember how stoked you were to get it up and going?  Remember all the effort that went into the planning and how you started strong, even executing with discipline?

But even the best of us drift off from our original line of focus.  Life creeps in.  Other obligations pop up (or never went away).  New opportunities arise that are vying for our attention.  Things don't go as planned.  Or, we don't know if it's going according to plan because we haven't reviewed the plan since we started executing.  Perhaps the plan needs to change to incorporate new developments.

For this reason and a thousand more, we all need regular times of recalibration.


Recalibration is Renewing Your Focus

Whether it's once a week or once a month or once a quarter, we all need to set aside time to step back and ask, "is everything working the way it is intended to?"  Sometimes this will require "shutting down the line" and admitting that if things aren't going the way they're supposed to, they may as well not be "going" at all.

When we slow down to recalibrate, we're able to renew our focus on what's important, what's not, and hone ourselves in on what is most important.  Recalibration is a time where you review your vision, perhaps even revise your vision.  Recalibration is a time where you review your plan, perhaps even revise your plan.  And it's a time where you take stock of how you're spending your time, focus, and energy - and then making small adjustments to keep you on track.


Recalibration Requires You to Slow Down

Most of us never slow down enough to regularly recalibrate and so our great visions, our grandiose ideas that we had such awesome plans for, drift off course.

Slow down. Revisit.  Renew your focus.  Recalibrate.