Horatius Bonar on Imputation

Tonight during our Good Friday gathering, I shared the following powerful quote by 19th century churchman and poet, Horatius Bonar.  As you continue to remember and celebrate the death of Jesus this Good Friday, let these words wash over you:

"This righteousness is 'reckoned' or 'imputed' to all who believe; so that they are treated by God as if it were actually theirs.  They are entitled to claim all that which such a righteousness can merit from God (as the Judge of righteous claims).  

It does not become ours gradually, or in fragments or drops; but is transferred to us all at once.  It is not that so much of it is reckoned to us in proportion to the strength of our faith, or the warmth of our love, or the fervor of our prayers; but the whole of it passes over to us by imputation. In its whole quality and quantity it is transferred to us.  

Its perfection represents us before God; and its preciousness, with all that that preciousness can purchase for us, henceforth belongs to us". 

-Horatius Bonar, The Everlasting Righteousness