Predestination Warm-ups

This week, I'll be preaching on the doctrines of predestination and election as we (2 Pillars Church) continue our way through the first chapter of Ephesians.

Below are some warm-up quotes to get the blood flowing in your brain!


“The doctrine of election demonstrates to us that God loved us, not for who we are or what we have done or will do, but simply because he decided to love us.  Therefore, our appropriate response to God is to give him praise for all eternity.  Our appropriate response to others is humility since individually we have no claim on any portion of God’s grace—it’s all a gift from him.”

-Elliot Grudem, Christian Beliefs


“[I]n the New Testament… election was not a dirge but a song of joy; not an obstacle to evangelism but an encouragement; not a promoter of pride but a producer of humility; not an influence to enervate moral effort but a summons to spare no energy to live a life pleasing and acceptable to God.  Election, in the Scriptures is something for which we worship God because in it he reveals the greatness and the freeness of his love for sinful men.”

-Sinclair Ferguson, The Christian Life


“God’s choosing is never a matter of his turning away some who wanted to come.  His choosing is always a matter of his bringing to him those who never would have come.”

-Bruce Ware, Big Truths for Young Hearts


“Election refers to God’s choosing whom to save.  It is unconditional in that there is no condition man must meet before God chooses to save him.  Man is dead in trespasses and sins.  So there is no condition he can meet before God chooses to save him from his deadness.”

-John Piper, Five Points