Recommended Parenting Resources

This past Sunday I preached on "Christian Parenting" from Ephesians 6:1-4.  In that passage, Paul gives a word for children, a central charge to parents, a warning to parents, as well as two commands to parents.  The two commands Paul gives to parents center around disciplining and instructing your children in the Lord.  

The audio for that sermon can be found HERE but in the sermon, I spent quite a bit of time sharing what disciplining and instructing our kids has looked like for my wife and I and then also shared some things that we have learned from a decade of parenting.

Additionally, I referred to a lot of resources.  In an effort to be most helpful to our church family, the following is a decent list of parenting resources that Meghan and I have used or are currently using.  

Parenting is hard work and we need each other (i.e. the church) as we wrestle with living out the gospel in our families.  I pray that the below list would be useful to anyone seeking some solid resources for Christian Parenting.  I've put the resources together under two categories: 'discipline' (which means "child-training" and thus includes several books on parenting in general) and then 'instruction' under which I've included a list of age-appropriate resources for instructing your children in the ways of the Lord.



General parenting books, in order of recommendation.  I suggest reading the first two at a minimum to gain a more well-rounded perspective.  Both are really helpful and the two together is even better.


The book I made mention of with the terribly ugly cover, but that is influencing our discipline with our older girls of late (it's also where we got some of the framework for our "family meetings" I described) is:


Two other helpful books I'd recommend:



0-2/3 years old:

3-6 years old:

6-8/9 years old

8-12 years old: