February Leadership Resource Share

Beginning this month, I'd like to start passing along some resource shares that I'm providing to the leaders of our church.  This is something new we're starting this year at 2 Pillars Church to resource and equip in an ongoing way, the leaders of our church.   What I tell our leaders is that they should should consider these resources screened, worth-their-time, and recommended.  

In other words, I really think you should check these out!


RESOURCE: The Wednesday Conversation Podcast

This month's resource share comes from our friends up the road at Coram Deo in Omaha.  Some of you may be familiar with this, most of you perhaps are not.  The Wednesday Conversation is a weekly podcast that my friend Bob Thune puts together along with some of the others on staff at Coram Deo.  In roughly 25 minute episodes, they take on topics of theology, culture, leadership, and church/mission.

I started listening to this last year and have found the conversations to be extremely beneficial to me as a leader.  I often walk away from listening to these podcasts not thinking, "oh, that was a good info download" but rather, "wow, I've got some things to think about"... in a good and growth-inducing way.

You can find the podcast in iTunes podcast store if you're a iPhone/Mac person.  Otherwise, the audio is also all posted online HERE.



Rather than point you broadly to the podcast, though, I want to specifically draw your attention to 3 particular episodes surrounding the concept of a leader's "presence".


These three episodes have been extremely helpful in exploring what I believe to be a very much under-discussed (and yet essential) characteristic of leadership.  I hope you'll take some time over the next month and check them out.