March Resource Share

This is the second installment of my monthly resource share for leaders.  This is something I'm doing internal to 2 Pillars Church with our leaders, but then post it here as well for wider dissemination.  If you missed last month’s post, you can snag that HERE.


RESOURCE: Acts 29 Fall 2015 Heartland Regional Content

This month’s resource share comes from an Acts 29 Heartland Regional gathering that Pastor Adam and I participated in last fall.  The speaker is Kevin Cawley from Redeemer Fellowship in Kansas City.  Kevin is one of the three regional co-directors for the Heartland Region of Acts 29.

There are three talks here in video format, all of varying length.  I strongly encourage you to watch all three (there is a strong cumulative and crescendo effect to the three together).  

Through these talks, Kevin paints a picture for what it looks like for us, as leaders, to be cultivate a prayerful, prophetic presence.  He also helps to raise the bar for our self-awareness and how our leadership is received by others.  Finally, in the last talk, he makes a really strong point that what a leader is really called to is to create a context (or a container) where true transformation can happen.

I’ve been ruminating on these ideas a lot since I originally sat under this teaching back in October and gladly invite you into ruminating as well.



The three videos are embedded below.  You can also find them on Vimeo via the links below.

Vimeo Links: