Why You Should Buy ' Gospel Eldership' by My Friend Bob Thune

I first met Bob Thune in 2007, while living in St. Louis and discerning a call to move back to Lincoln, Nebraska and plant a church.  Since that time, Bob has been my lead church planting assessor with Acts 29 and served on the External Advisory Board for 2 Pillars Church in the early days of planting.  He's also been my coach, my friend, and brother and walked alongside me while I raised up and installed the first two additional elders at 2 Pillars Church—helping even to assess these men for the office of elder.

His new book, Gospel Eldership: Equipping a New Generation of Servant Leaders drops today and if you’re a church leader looking to train and equip godly, biblical, gospel-formed and gospel-shepherding elders, you should pick up a copy of it.

I’ve personally benefited from early, unpublished revisions of this work and know the body of 2 Pillars Church will continue to benefit from this now published edition for years to come.

Below is a video of Bob talking a little more about the book, but I’d also encourage you to check out what others are saying about this work and consider taking advantage of some of the sick deals the publisher is offering right now (buy 5 at less than $9/piece - compared with Amazon’s $15 price tag).

Go get it.