April Leadership Share

RESOURCE: “Designing Your Ideal Week”

This month’s resource share comes from a from Michael Hyatt, an author, speaker, podcaster, and blogger in the realm of leadership.

Disclaimer: Michael Hyatt appears to be “somewhat Christian” but I do not know much about him beyond that.  I read Hyatt for leadership and spit out the seeds.  I trust you can do the same.

I first came across the idea of “designing your ideal week” when I was struggling to figure out how best to spend my time as a church planter.  Hyatt’s counsel was helpful in getting a handle on how to “schedule” certain priorities and keep things from getting totally out of control.

Now as Christians, we must always be led by the Spirit and not simply subscribe to the world’s ideology of "control your calendar lest your calendar control you’ or ‘tell your time where to go’; however, it also behooves us to think critically and deliberately about how our time does get spent.  

  • What are my priorities?  
  • What things do I need to make sure happen (such as creating time for communing with God through habits like Bible reading and prayer or ensuring that exercise is a part of my life).  
  • How do I know how to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to good opportunities as they come along.
  • If I’m serving in the local church in various roles, how much time does that actually consume and do I have the margin to say ‘yes’ to all I’ve said ‘yes’ to?  
  • Am I ministering to my family well?  
  • Am I planning for sabbath rest?

This is where exploring some of the concepts that Hyatt talks about in his blog post “How to Better Control Your Time by Designing Your Ideal Week” can be helpful.  

Whether you have a super flexible schedule, or whether you have some big rocks on your calendar (like your day job), it’s still helpful to think through how you are spending your mornings, evenings, weekends, lunches, etc.

At the end of the day, what gets scheduled gets done and sometimes, not walking through an exercise like this becomes an excuse for having an out of control life where you’ve said yes to too many things without prayerfully (and deliberately) counting the cost first.  

Two final words: Don’t shy away from this if calendaring-out your life seems too restrictive.  But also, don’t allow your calendar to become a god you must bow to.  Maybe a better way to think about this would be in terms of being deliberate and intentional, yet flexible.  Think in terms of entering the tension more so than solving the riddle.



Below is a link to the blog post on Michael Hyatt’s site:

“How to Better Control Your Time by Designing Your Ideal Week”